Ultimate fan service
by One for One live streaming

141LIVE is One for One live distribution service.
Since no application is required and registration can be done easily, in addition to fan services and events, call services such as fortune-telling and consultation can be provided to naturally deliver high unit prices.

By GIFT and ITEM functions, you can get income quickly.

Pre-booked tickets can be sold, so you can set your own schedule.
Unlike services that use LINE and Zoom, you do not need to share accounts, and prepare monetization separately. 。

Free price setting

The fee setting for paid streaming can be set freely
Even JPY 100,000 per hour is OK!

Max 1 for 10K

Time can be set from 10 minutes
We can provide live events with a premium feel

80% reduction

Item return rate is 80%, the highest level in the industry!
60% reduction of LIVE streaming revenue!

Automatic pre-sale of LIVE tickets

If you enter the schedule on the system side in advance, a pre-sale ticket will be automatically issued.
Smooth distribution is possible by distributing tickets on SNS and selling.

Share by SNS

Ticket selling



Open in July 2020
Want to stream in the best environment?

Live creator advance recruitment

141 LIVE pre-registers LIVE creators and opens a support window before service in.

We also deliver demo screens and announcements, and we also accept individual support and questions! Please add friends now.